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Christmas Centerpiece Collection

Christmas Centerpiece Locomotive


White - $165.00

If you have a little bit of a modern spin to your holiday decorations, this white and gold locomotive is perfect for you! Red and white peppermint candies fill the trailing car, which giving it a little classic color to sweeten its look. 

The peppermint candy and garland on the rear car is an insert that can be removed to convert the train into the Springtime locomotive (tulip insert available separately). 

NOTE: this is a modified Bachmann Locomotive.  Since I am a small operation, I purchase the locomotive retail and  replace the cover to create a unique engine that goes perfectly with the rest of the train cars.   


approximately 1.14”H x .9”W x 5.25"L (29mm x 23mm x 134mm)



Train car body is hand-painted resin and plastic.


Feel free to contact me if you would like a unique color scheme or modification. 

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