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Forest Trees


Perfect Nowhere was born from a quest to escape a busy life and get out to the middle of nowhere.  Someplace away from the hassles of day to day life where nature still thrives, the birds chirp happily, and you can hear the wind rustle the leaves.  Someplace where your mind can clear and imagination can take over.  Someplace that is just perfect! 

The jewelry I create is meant to give a little piece of Perfect Nowhere to everyone and encourage you to search for your own.  Everyone’s perfect nowhere may be a little different, but, once found, it will wash you in calm, stimulate creativity and renew your desire for adventure.  


A Perfect Nowhere can also be a state of mind.  An imagination ready for adventure and good times with friends.  I love making things that bring joy to my life and those around me.  Christmas is a great time of year!  I have always associated it with making things, whether it be cookies, decorations, presents, plans... you get the idea.


I have also always loved model trains, specifically steam trains.  There is something about them that is simply magical, driven by a combination of amazing engineering and beautiful craftsmanship. 

For many Christmas seasons, I pulled out my n-scale train and set it up to weave among our holiday decorations led by my beautiful Union Pacific #119 locomotive.  A few years ago, my maker instinct kicked in and I started to design my own set of Christmas cars that could really stand out among all our other eclectic ornaments.  Thus, was born the North Pole Railway. I am excited to be able to bring it to you (be it in very limited quantities) to fulfill my love of making and hopefully bring a smile to children and adults alike as they partake in a great tradition of having a model train out for Christmas!   


More recently I am now happy to add my Springtime Express to my train collection.  Get your train out of the basement and add it to your spring decorations!  Have fun with it and I hope it will bring a smile to your face each time to play with it!          



You can contact me through my Etsy shop:

Or e-mail me directly at:



Custom requests are welcome.  Please contact me with the form above or through my Etsy shop page to discuss what you would like, and we will work together make it happen.  

Common jewelry requests:

  • To change the chain length.

  • Change the metal finish to silver, 14K gold, 18K gold or rose gold.

  • Use a specific stone type or color.  

  • Change the size of a piece. 


Common train requests:

  • unique color scheme.

  • personalized name on the Christmas ornament.

  • adding an inscription of family name to the inside of the train set lid 

  • A set with a different combination of train cars  

Note that changes may affect price.   

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