Perfect Nowhere was born from a quest to escape the busy city life and find a way out into the middle of nowhere.  Someplace away from the hassles of life where nature still thrives, the birds chirp happily, and you can hear the wind rustle the leaves.  Someplace you can find yourself again.  Wouldn’t that be perfect? 

The jewelry I create is meant to give a little piece of Perfect Nowhere to everyone and encourage you to search for your own.

Everyone’s perfect nowhere may be a little different, but, once found, it will wash you in calm, stimulate creativity and renew your desire for adventure.   





Custom requests are welcome.  Please contact me with the form above to discuss what you would like, and we will work together make it happen.  

Some common requests are:

  • To change the chain length

  • Change the metal finish to silver, 14K gold, 18K gold or rose gold

  • Use a specific stone type or color.  

  • Change the size of a piece. 

Note that changes may affect price.   



I want you to be happy with your purchase! Feel free to ask any questions about the jewelry prior to purchase.

Storage: Items should be stored in a dry environment to avoid accelerating oxidation of the metals. 

Cleaning: Use a soft cotton polishing cloth to remove dirt or tarnish from the metal surface.  If needed gently wash the jewelry in soapy water.  Do NOT use commercial-grade jewelry dip cleaners as these are too harsh for the stones and patinas.  Steaming, boiling, or using an ultrasonic cleaner should also be avoided. 

Stone care: Many of my pieces contain semi-precious stones which are porous and should not be worn while swimming or exercising.  Also do not spray sunscreen, perfume, lotion, hairspray, etc. directly on the piece, which may discolor the stones and metal. 

Stone color: Natural stones are used in many pieces, making them unique. Because of this, the color may vary.  I try to best depict the color in the photos, although many variables may affect how it is seen, including the device screen you are using.  

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