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Classic Christmas Train-Mini

Something special for Christmas!



N-scale Train

Wonderful things come in small packages.  If you are creating a miniature Christmas village, this train is perfect for you!  30% smaller than my original Christmas train it comes in at only 10 inches for the full length of the locomotive, tender, and 3 train cars while still running on n-scale track. Even better, this locomotive is designed to run at slow speeds.  Its not as fast as its larger cousin but smooth and steady is perfect for Christmas village life! Also, no more fussing about with couplers. The cars are connected via magnets to ensure a perfect mating every time.   

I am also experimenting with festive collector’s box decorations. See below for more pictures. I am not sure if every train will come this way but the first kit came out great!

sml-xmas-mini-in hand.jpg
sml-xmas-mini-kit open.jpg

Train Set


I offer sets for purchase on Etsy, or you can request a custom configuration that works best for you.

I have been making holiday trains for myself for a number of years and am excited to now have them available to you to brighten your holiday experience.  This is a true original and unique item that I am making in extremely limited quantities. Not only is this a functioning train, but it is a collector's item.  Each set is numbered, signed and dated.


Available Train Cars

Mini Christmas Locomotive

Mini Tree Transport Car

Mini Presents For All Car

Mini Christmas Caboose


This video shows the various speeds the train can run at. 


Classic Christmas

This mini locomotive in classic red, green and gold perfect for the Christmas holiday season.  Peppermint stick fill the trailing tender, which gives this little engine a sugar rush. 


Due to the small size and light weight of this locomotive it is not a hill climber.  For best results keep any inclines to a very subtle rise.


Presents for All - Mini

This car is ready to deliver its tiny packages to all the good girls and boys of the world.


Tree Transportation - Mini

In classic red and green, this is the way a Christmas tree should be delivered. 


Classic Christmas - Mini

Snow on the roof, golden bows, garlands all around: this caboose is ready to roll for the holidays!  

Mini Size

Christmas village ready

This train is 30% smaller than its larger cousin.

The full length of the locomotive, tender, and 3 train cars comes in at 10 inches.  

Each train car is approximately:

1”H x .85”W x 2.1"L (26mm x 21mm x 56mm)

The locomotive + tender is approximately:

1”H x .85”W x 3.6"L (26mm x 21mm x 92mm)​

Collector's Box

Christmas sets

What could make my collectors boxes even better!


For set #001 of the mini trains I have experimented with adding vintage post card graphics to the outside and a world map to the bottom! 


Magnetic Couplers

No more fussing around with knuckle couplers.  This little train has magnets that hold the cars together in a perfect line every time. 

Magnetic Couplers

This video shows the magnetic couplers in action.

This N-scale train works with any standard N-scale track and controller.  Recommended for ages 14 & up. 


Magnetic attachment


Feel free to contact me if you would like a unique color scheme, modification, or personalized set. 



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