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Springtime Express

Celebrate spring in style!

Springtime Express

N-scale Train

I believe model trains should be something brought out and enjoyed for lots of seasons and holidays to enhance your home decorations. They can bring such joy to everyone as they are driven around their tracks.  This is why I have created the Springtime Express.  Running on N-scale track, it is a perfect size to become part of any table top spring or Easter decorations.  To make things even better, the locomotive is the same one used for the white North Pole Railways Christmas centerpiece train.  All you have to do is swap out the tulips tender insert for the peppermint candy insert.

SML-Springtime-full train-1a.jpg

Train Set


I offer sets for purchase on Etsy, or you can request a custom configuration that works best for you.

I have been making holiday trains for myself for a number of years and am excited to now have them available to you to brighten your holiday experience.  This is a true original and unique item that I am making in extremely limited quantities. Not only is this a functioning train, but it is a collector's item.  Each set is numbered, signed and dated.


Available Train Cars

Springtime Locomotive

Egg Mover Car

Basket Delivery Car

Blue Bird Caboose



Springtime Express

Celebrate spring with this white and gold locomotive based on a steam train 0-6-0 wheel design.  Bright orange tulips give this little locomotive true flower power and is ready to pull your Springtime Express.  The tulips are an insert that can be easily changed to peppermint candies that match the white North Pole Railway train cars.



Basket Delivery

Who doesn't love a picnic in spring? These pink bunnies are on their way to enjoy some carrots in the country side.  



Egg Mover

Enjoy this decorative Easter egg that sits in its holder on a flatbed train car.  The egg is removable so that different eggs can be displayed.  



Blue Birds

Spring is a time for birds to sing and play amongst the budding cherry trees.  These two bluebirds are happily nesting in this decorated caboose.  


Collector's Box

Springtime Express Sets

As collectors' sets, each box is numbered and signed.  Due to the time it takes to make these by hand, only a few will be made each year. 

This N-scale train works with any standard N-scale track and controller and is recommended for ages 14 & up. 


Knuckle couplers (made by Micro-Line Magne-matic)


Feel free to contact me if you would like a unique color scheme, modification, or personalized sets. 



Each train car is approximately:

1.2”H x .9”W x 2.9"L (30mm x 23mm x 74mm)

The decorative eggs are approximately:

1.1"H x 1.1"W x 1.5"L (28mm x 28mm x 38mm)

The locomotive is approximately:

1.14”H x .9”W x 5.25"L (29mm x 23mm x 134mm)​

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