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Track Accessories

Celebrate spring in style!

Springtime Express

Track Accessories

Welcome to my spring and summer collection of track accessories.  My goal is to design pieces that will make a wonderful scene and complement your home holiday decorations that you put so much time and loving attention into. 


These accessories are designed to slide onto Bachmann N-scale EZ-track with a 11.25" radius.  I am not affiliated with Bachmann but have found it to be a good pre-existing track system and is included in my deluxe train sets.

SML-Bridge-with train.jpg

Add to your Springtime Express scene to make an absolutely stunning centerpiece in your home! 


Bluebird Station

Springtime Express

Scenery Module - for N-scale 11.25" radius track.

This is the first module in this building series. Each module is the length of a piece of track and when joined with others will create a inner ring of scenery.  

The simple white, blue and gold color scheme provide a clean modern aesthetic to enhance your spring centerpiece or display.  The semi translucent white walls of the building allow it a glow subtly when placed over a battery-operated LED tea light.  


5.4”W x 5.6”D x 3”H (137mm x 142mm x 76mm)

Biscuit Factory

4 Seasons Building

Decorated for Easter

Every good holiday town needs a biscuit factory! This building can be used on it own for everyday town life or be decorated for the nearest holiday.  Show here is the building decorated for Easter.


Springtime Express

Compatible with Bachmann N-scale 11.25" radius EZ-track. The bride slides onto the track to ensure it stays in place.


2"W x 4.6"L x 2.8"H (53mm x  118mm x 72mm) 

Track Risers

Springtime Express

8mm track risers - Set of 6

Compatible with Bachmann N-scale 11.25" radius EZ-track.  They slide easily onto the track and can be equally spaced around a 22.5" diameter circle to raise it up off the table surface by 8mm.  These will also raise your track to the same level as the train station.  They can be used in conjunction with the station or on their own.  They allow you to have things such as flowers stems, dried grasses or moss to run under the track without disturbing the rails. 

* These items are NOT for small children *  They contain small parts and are potential choking hazards.  

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