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Classic Christmas Train

Something special for Christmas!




N-scale Train

Enjoy Christmas with this hand-crafted, North Pole Railway N-scale model train, presented in a wooden collector’s box.  Each holiday train car is made one at a time and worthy of being the centerpiece of your holiday display.  The train is small enough to sit nicely in the center of your table or in a winter wonderland display.  There is something magical about a train circling its tracks during the holidays and will bring delight to children and adults alike.   

NPR- Full Christmas Train - red - Banner
sml-deluxe set-main-2021.jpg

Train Set


I offer sets for purchase on Etsy, or you can request a custom configuration that works best for you.

I have been making holiday trains for myself for a number of years and am excited to now have them available to you to brighten your holiday experience.  This is a true original and unique item that I am making in extremely limited quantities. Not only is this a functioning train, but it is a collector's item.  Each set is numbered, signed and dated.

NPR- Box Set - red - in hand.jpg
Kit1 Classic Christmas tree transport-qt

Available Train Cars

Christmas Locomotive

Tree Transport Car

Presents For All Car

Gnomes in Cocoa Bliss 

Christmas Caboose

My Favorite Toys

NPR- Gnomes - qtr view-1
Kit1 Classic Christmas caboose-side.jpg
Kit1 Classic Christmas


Classic Christmas

This locomotive, with a 0-6-0 wheel design, is all dressed up in red, green and gold -- perfect for the Christmas holiday season.  Peppermint candies fill the trailing tender, which gives this little engine a sugar rush. 


Presents for All

This car is ready to deliver its four tiny packages to all the good girls and boys of the world.


Tree Transportation

In classic red and green, this is the way a Christmas tree should be delivered. In N-scale this is a 28-foot-tall tree. At that height, a flying reindeer would need to be used to get the star on top!


Classic Christmas

Snow on the roof, golden bows, garlands all around: this caboose is ready to roll for the holidays!  


2021 Train Car

'Gnomes in Cocoa Bliss' was my first yearly train car release.  I had several gnomes in my shop for the season and have found that they really love hot chocolate.  To make sure they have enough for their grand world train ride I am sending a big barrel of hot cocoa with them! 

Gnome train car


2022 Train Car

'My favorite toys' train car.  This little train car is ready to deliver some toys for Christmas.  May they remind you of some your childhood favorites.


Candy Canes

2023 Train Car

Each year I design a new train car.  My 2023 theme is 'Candy Cane Trans'.  Candy Canes are an essential part of Christmas so it is a must that your train is ready to get them to your party!

Collector's Box

Christmas sets

As collectors' sets, each box is numbered, signed and dated.  Due to the time it takes to make these, only a few will be made each year. 

This N-scale train works with any standard N-scale track and controller.  Recommended for ages 14 & up. 


Knuckle couplers (made by Micro-Line Magne-matic)


Feel free to contact me if you would like a unique color scheme, modification, or personalized set. 



Each train car is approximately:

1.2”H x .9”W x 2.9"L (30mm x 23mm x 74mm)

The locomotive is approximately:

1.14”H x .9”W x 5.25"L (29mm x 23mm x 134mm)​

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