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Decorative Ornaments

Celebrate spring in style!


Easter Egg Ornaments

Expand your spring Easter decorations with these decorative Easter egg ornaments.  Perfect to hang indoors on a centerpiece of branches or placed in a bowl as a table decoration.  These ornaments also happen to be the just the right size to fit on the Egg Mover train car.

Egg Ornament-Mix-pk-blu-wht-tree.jpg
Egg Ornament-Blu-Bee.jpg

Add to your Springtime Express scene with these Easter egg ornaments.

Egg Ornament-Pink-burst.jpg
Egg Ornament-White-lattice.jpg
Egg Ornament-Blu-scale.jpg


Springtime Collection

Each egg is one of my original designs and made of resin. All eggs are painted individually by me.  There is no mass production here.  The size is approximately

1.1" x 1.1" x 1.5" (28mm x 28mm x 38mm)

Egg Mover

Springtime Express Train Car

These decorative Easter egg ornaments are the same size as the ones that fit onto the Egg Mover train car and can be swapped out with the one that comes with your train car.  Just remove the thread from the ornament so that it does not get tangled up in the wheels and cause a derailment.

* These items are NOT for small children *   These items contain small parts and are potential choking hazards.  

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