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Although I hope that you will never have a major issue with one of my creations it does happen.  Here are a few of the common issues that come up.  If something isn't here feel free to reach out o me and I will assist you as best I can!

Jewelry care

Additional Jewelry Information & Care

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have by using the contact form on this web site or through my Etsy shop page.   

Storage: Items should be stored in a dry environment to avoid accelerating oxidation of the metals. 

Cleaning: Use a soft cotton polishing cloth to remove dirt or tarnish from the metal surface.  If needed gently wash the jewelry in soapy water.  Do NOT use commercial-grade jewelry dip cleaners as these are too harsh for the stones and patinas.  Steaming, boiling, or using an ultrasonic cleaner should also be avoided. 

Stone care: Many of my pieces contain semi-precious stones which are porous and should not be worn while swimming or exercising.  Also do not spray sunscreen, perfume, lotion, hairspray, etc. directly on the piece, which may discolor the stones and metal. 

Stone color: Natural stones are used in many pieces, making them unique. Because of this, the color may vary.  I try to best depict the color in the photos, although many variables may affect how it is seen, including the device screen you are using.  


Locomotive Maintenance

Maintenance on your locomotive is important to keep it running for years to come.  It is recommended to use light gear oil on the gears and side rods after every 24 hours of use.  Be sure any lubricate is compatible with plastic.  Apply oil by dipping the end of a toothpick into the oil and applying one drop where needed and wipe off any excess.  **Proper lubrication is important but be sure not to over do it** To much can lead wheels to slip or potentially cause a short circuit.

Track Maintenance

If your locomotive isn’t running properly double check to make sure your track has power and is clean.   If you haven’t used your track in a while it may have built up a thin layer of oxidation on the surface of the metal rails preventing electrical contact.  Clean the rails using a track cleaner specifically designed for model trains or put a little isopropyl alcohol on a rag and rub it along the top and inside of the rails.  Do not use sand paper.    

Track Assembly

Slide the ends of the track together taking extra special care to make sure the metal rail joiners on the rails are aligned correctly.  It can take a little patience to make sure everything is lined up properly.  

The rails should line up evenly across the top.  

A good practice is to run your finger along the full circle of the rail after assembly. If you feel any bump at the joints try to reconnect the track.  

Now use the red cord to connect the track to the controller and the black cord to plug the controller into the wall. 

Just a note - Make sure your controller is turned all the way down before placing the locomotive on the track, otherwise it may get away from you unexpectedly.

track assembly-13.jpg

Wheel Replacement

Here is a short video on how to change the wheels on your Christmas train cars.  It is very easy to do in case a wheel ever gets damaged and need to be replaced.  For future trouble shooting, If your couplers are not lining up, a wheel out of alignment is usually the fist thing to check.  

Once you have all the wheels back in place run you finger over them to make sure they glide smoothly and look closely at them to make sure they are all aligned straight. 

wheel replace.jpg

Coupler/Wheel Assembly Replacement

Here is a short video on how to replace the coupler/wheel assembly on your Christmas train cars.  I use a pair of small flush wire cutters or sometimes called side cutting pliers to remove the plastic pin that holds the wheel assembly in place.  

Once you have all the wheels back in place run you finger over them to make sure they glide smoothly and look closely at them to make sure they are all aligned straight. 

Locomotive Cover Replacement

short video on how to replace the cover on your Christmas train locomotive. The swap is very easy but this video will walk you through the process.  

The cover is held on to the chassis by the single screw seen on the top.  Remove the screw and gently pull up on the cover.  give it a little wiggle if it is tight.  be careful not to squeeze the side wheel bars to hard or they might break. 

Train cover replacement.jpg

Changing the locomotive tender insert

If you have a Springtime Express Locomotive 2021 or later or a North Pole Railway Locomotive purchased in 2021- mid2023 the cargo in the locomotive tender can be changed to make your locomotive ready for different holidays and seasons.  See this short video showing how to make the swap.  

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