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Blackbird Embraced

This blackbird sits surrounded by branches and will be your companion, looking out at the world with you as you travel its streets and forests.

Chain with lobster clasp included in purchase.


Pendant - 1.2”H x 1.2”W (30mm x 30mm)

Chain - 16” with a lobster clasp and 2” extension allowing for adjustable length. Please contact me if you desire a custom length.


The pendant is Rhodium plated giving it a bright silver luster that will resist tarnish. The bird is turned black using a patina. The chain is Argentium sterling silver 935.  Argentium is a form of sterling silver, but has a higher resistance to tarnish and a higher silver content than standard sterling silver making it a perfect complement to the Rhodinum.  The black bird is black patina.


This item also can be made in 14K gold or rose gold. 

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