All n-scale holiday trains and art prints are available for purchase. 

Each train car is made individually to order.  The creation process will take 1-2 weeks but may vary depending on the order.

Please use the contact form below and let me know what you would like. 


Single Train Car - $68.00 

Set of 3 Train Cars - $195.00 

Single Locomotive - $165.00

Single 5x7 print - $16.00

Set of 3 prints 5x7 - $35.00

Free shipping within the US

If this is a gift for a younger child, note that n-scale trains are small and can be difficult to put on the track. Tools are made to help guide the cars onto a track but a younger child will need assistance.  The train cars can also be fragile if mistreated.  One of the bonuses of having your Christmas train in your tree vs on the floor is that it stays out of reach of small children (and cats) but still provides plenty of excitement and joy.  

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